Web searching tips, v1.0

Here you will find some interesting tips regarding web searching, I used to think one don't need special skills or knowledge to get good results when searching, but I've changed my mind...

Table of contents

Google-related tips

"Google is the best". It's still the same at the moment. So, I'll give it a seperate section in this page and share some tips you may find useful

Other search engines tips

Despite the fact that Google is still the best, it's not the only tool a good seeker should use. I will try to explain why. There are different groups of people that made several search engines, the engines are similar when using only when simple queries used. When we start to use special syntax for searching, search engines start to differ in many ways. So there's a possibility that having just a one to third a capacity of Google in number of pages indexed, an engine may give you power with its distinguished searching features.

Inktomi search engine. Actually there's no such thing as public available Inktomi search. It's a company initially offered the web search service for other companies. Now it is owned by Yahoo and all web search services by Yahoo started to understand Inktomi syntax. Additionally there are other companies still using Inktomi, but may be independent from Yahoo. So use any of them (Dec 2004 info): alltheweb, yahoo search, hotbot. Inktomi syntax detailed description can be found at the Fravia page, but I'll show here  most useful features from my point of view

General tips

Useful links

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