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In this section you will find different articles and test data of mp3 playes I used

Samsung YEPP YP-T5 Mp3 Players sounds quality issue.

This player has a flaw that affects frequency response. Initially I discovered it just litstening this player. But thanks to this flaw, I started using RMAA (RightMark Audio Analizer) software to test different pieces of electronic equipment.

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Cowon X5 Hard-disc Mp3 Player

Thanks to the flaw I found in the samsung Tepp Yp-T5 player, I had to buy a new one. So it is a hard-disc based player called Cowon iAudio X5. All discussion about this product can be found at iAudiophile site. Here you will find my own measurement, primarily with RMAA software.

RMAA measurment for the line-out connected to line-in .

RMAA measurment for heaphones output connected to line-in.

This two pages take part in one of the iAudiophile's topics.

RMAA comparision of Sharp MD-MS702 Minidisc recorder Line-In and Cowon X5 Line-in.

Line-in discussion can be found here at iAudiophile site.
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