a hack extension utility for Sony Clie tm Handhelds by Max Vlasov

This program is free GPL software


Important notice: Initially this software was developed for pre-ARMed PalmOS devices. I heard that working with hacks on PalmOS 5 and higher devices is a real challenge, so if you're an owner of such device and not famliar with hack-specific topics, make a research before installing this software on your device

When active JogDaily hack detects rapid rotation of the Jog Dial navigator and accelerates the scrolling in the current application (if the application supports Jog-Dial). This allows you to get to the right item faster. To feel the power JogDaily gives you try it with MemoPad, AddressBook or default launcher.

I've been always impressed by Jog-Dial navigator that exists almost in every piece of Sony home and computer equipment. There are several types of it with different kinds of usability but all of them are common in one behavior: you can rotate faster if you know that you should scroll longer (this fact, for example, allows you to quikcly enter track names on Sony MiniDisc(tm) recorders). So why not to speed up the rotation more in this case! So JogDaily does this thing. Send your comment to :

System Requirements


Download JogDaily v3.0 (zip file, 19kb, apr 2003). Follow the instructions in the readme.txt.


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