Final Note: This software was developed in order to add hi-res support to the DiddleBug in times where there was no hi-res support in DiddleBug version, maintained now by Peter Putzer. But now his version has build-in support for hi-res devices as long as other significant changes compared to original DiddleBug. I have no intent to support DiddleBugHR anymore, so use it as it is or use current DiddleBug

This is a modification of the great sticky-note software for PalmOS - DiddleBug. The main goal of this edition is to get benefits of the High Resolution mode (320x320 pixels) of Sony Clie devices.


This software allows you to draw and save sketches with the size 320x320 pixels in contrary to the original DiddleBug that works with 160x160 sketches. DiddleBugHR does not work on non-HiRes devices. Use DiddleBug in this case.

System Requirements


Download DiddleBugHR 1.1 (zip file, 122kb, may 2003). See readme.txt for addtitional info.

Version history:
- v1.1 the alarm bug is partly fixed, now the sketch is shown downscaled in 160x160 mode. Please let me know if the alarms of v1.1 does not work on your device (reproducing on the POSE emulator is preferable)

PC Companion

You can use WindleBug software as your PC companion to the DiddleBugHR. It allows you to copy, save or print sketches on PC.


DiddleBugHR is a GPL software based on original DiddleBug 2.15.

The sources are divided in two parts:


You can always contact the author by e-mail: maxerist@gmail.com
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