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There are not so many technology things that impress me much. Casio WQV Wrist Camera is one of these. Here you'll find several interesting things about it.

You can use your PAD-2 accessory not only as your PC->Camera connection kit

If you take a look at the bottom of your PAD-2 accessory, bundled with some variations of Wrist Camera, you'll see the name "Extended Systems, Inc.'. What does it mean?

It means that you have XTNDAccess IrDA PC Adapter of the Extended Systems, Inc. formely called "JetEye PC". Casio has no its own IrDA factory therefore Extended Systems, now Palm subsidiary, made this thing especially for Casio.

Since that, you can use (for your own risk) drivers for this device to enable, for example, infrared communcations with your GSM-phone. Also, you can download and use QuickBeam Suite IrDA Software from Extended Systems with this device. It comes with all necessary drivers to enabled infrared communication in Windows. Please, read the note carefully since the right to download the software has only the person that own the device.

How to make *moving pictures* with the Wrist Camera

Once I had a chance to get pictures of a handsome girl. There were taken only two ones. Here they are:

A beautiful subway princess...

After several steps of getting morphing pictures, I got an animated one (60 kb)


It's not easy, but it's real. Take a look at the pictures and see the palm and the computer in stereo!

Note: Original images (120x120) two little to fit correctly, therefore the images were transform to the bigger size

Change the width of your browser window to adjust the stereo-effect

Casio software for Palm and CE

Do you know that Casio releases free software for Palm and Windows CE?

Find it at Casio world site

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